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The Printable Alligator coloring pictures below will enchant you! All right, Alligator isn’t very friendly with their big mouth full of teeth and their blood-curdling eyes, but we love them in cartoons.

This page offers you this selection of alligator coloring pictures, some of which look rather nice, so color them with your favorite colors. Happy Coloring!

Alligator Coloring Pages

Facts About Alligators

Alligators are characterized by a muzzle broader than that of crocodiles. Waters laden with algae produce green alligators.

Alligators from waters containing a lot of tannic acid from the trees above them are often darker (but the Chinese Alligator has a reasonably light pattern).

Moreover, in alligators, only the upper teeth are visible when they close their jaws, unlike crocodiles. However, many individuals have deformities in their jaws, which complicates this means of identification.

Male large alligators are solitary and territorial animals. Smaller alligators are often found in large numbers close together.

The largest of the species (males and females) defend their neighboring territory; the smaller ones show higher tolerance towards other alligators of a size close to their own.

Alligators have massive bodies and slow metabolisms; they are capable of short spikes in speed, especially for a quick attack. Their favorite prey is small animals that they can kill and swallow in a single bite.

However, they can kill larger prey by catching them and pulling them into the water to drown. Alligators consume food that cannot be eaten in one bite by letting it rot, or by biting it and shaking it wildly until pieces are torn off.

In an alligator’s jaw, most of the muscles are made to bite and grip prey. The muscles that close the jaws are mighty, but the muscles that open the jaws are comparatively weak.

For example, an adult male can hold an alligator with his bare hands with his jaw closed. A strip of tape is usually enough to prevent an adult from opening its jaws.

This is one of the most common methods used when alligators must be captured and transported, or when, for any other reason, they must be prevented from biting.

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