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On this page, you can get apple coloring pictures to print. You can color them with your favorite colors. So choose your favorites below and have fun.

The apples are the most consumed fruit in the world. Undoubtedly, the apple is one of the whole grains that exist, both for its full food values and the variety of its forms, colors, and flavors.

Apple Coloring Pages Collection

Facts About Apple

The most commonly marketed apples are those whose size ranges from 75 millimeters to 85 or more. And their weight ranges from 170 grams to 250 grams.

The different colors of the skin mean that the fruit can be divided into four groups: green, red, yellow, and bicolored. All of them have different flavors, aromas, and the quality of their flesh.

The flesh can be hard or soft, but always refreshing and juicy, and its taste ranges from very sweet to very acidic through a whole mixture of acidic and sugary flavors. The meat is more or less aromatic, depending on the variety.

The apple is a fruit that attracts attention in the markets because it can be found almost all year round in high-quality conditions and ready to be eaten.

This is possible thanks to the practices of manipulation and conservation of the food that exists.

After harvesting, various methods of preservation are applied to apples to be stored, such as rapid cooling of the fruit, storage in boxes with plastic film, and controlled refrigeration, which reduce water loss and prevent the apple’s skin from wrinkling.

When choosing apples, you should discard those with bumps, rot, wrinkles, soft spots, stains, or spots, but you may still have the right places.

The ripeness of the apples can be checked by applying slight pressure to the center. If the flesh is firm or the skin is only slightly wrinkled, the apple is at its best. The meat should always be firm, aromatic, and not floury.

Once in the home, if the fruits are healthy, they are kept in perfect condition for days at room temperature. There are varieties whose life force is exhausted after 1 or 2 weeks, while others resist for six months or more.

If you want to keep them up to 5-6 weeks, it is best to put them in a plastic bag and spray them with water every week.

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